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Southern Crete


The ancient city of Gortys. Gortys is one of the most significant ancient cities of Crete, with a very rich history; it is also one of the largest archaeological sites of Greece. You will be fascinated by St. Titus’ Church, the Chamber of the Law Code, the Odeon and of course the natural beauty and the serenity of the landscape: the square with the everlasting gnarled olive trees and the evergreen plane tree, under the shade of which Zeus and Europe had their wedding ceremony.

Leaving the majestic site of Gortys and moving on further south, we end up at the Panagia Odigitria Monastery. After a short journey through traditional villages, such as Mires and Timbaki, we reach the famous beach of Matala. Here we have the opportunity to enjoy the dew of the crystal waters, the warmth of the sun and our lunch in one of the many small taverns by the sea, while later, as modern hippies, we can explore the prehistoric caves that are carved on the steep rocks of the area.