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Koufonissi island

Kofounisi Island


Welcome to one of Crete’s last paradises, the island of Koufonissi! Live the unique experience on a remote desert island and enjoy the sense of being a castaway for the day!

It is the biggest island in a cluster of islets and skerries of the Libyan Sea. Situated in southeast Crete, Koufonissi is a place to escape from reality and lose yourself in nature’s perfect creations. Completely untouched by western influence, with its secluded pristine beaches, mystic caves, magical bays, crystal clear waters, long sandy beaches, imposing rock formations and ancient excavations, the island is indeed a place where time ceases to exist.

Formerly known as Lefki Island (White Island) due to the white sand and white cliffs of sandstone that dominate the landscape, Koufonissi was an important port and a place where people used to dive for sponges and shells. It was also well-known for the production of Tyrian purple, an imperial dye which comes from sea-shells. Tyrian purple was greatly prized in ancient civilizations and an item of luxury trade, as it was used for the coloring of royal clothes.

As soon as the ship moors in a secluded bay, you board a boat to reach the beautiful sandy beach, where you can swim, sunbathe or explore the natural beauty of the place. You will have the chance to admire the towering cliffs and impressive caves, watch the migratory birds that find refuge on the island, walk on what was once the ocean seabed or find fossils hidden in the compact sand. No need to mention that pristine, turquoise waters and sandy beaches are to be found everywhere and promise a perfect swim to everyone. At noon, you may also enjoy a BBQ on board (optional).

So, do not think it twice! Join us to this extraordinary trip, be mesmerized by the beauty of this hidden heaven and live an experience that will be etched in your memory for ever!